Get Acquainted Week

April 23-25, 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Want to deepen your relationship with God? Maybe discover the call He has on your life? Then check out Life Bible College Get Acquainted Week.

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During Get Acquainted Week, you'll experience what it's like to be a real LBC student. You'll have the chance to sit in on classes, meet all of our amazing instructors, and talk with current students.



"What will always stick out the most to me from attending LBC was learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit. Up to that point, no one had ever sat me down and scripturally explained how it works. It altered the course of my life. My life is now nearly worry-free, because I realized I don't have to call the shots anymore—that's God's job."

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Learn if LBC is for you

From application and financial information, to class schedules and school policies, we'll go over it all. Plus, we'll have an open Q&A session, in case we missed something you're burning to know.


Get Acquainted week Nightly SCHEDULE

Tuesday and Thursday

  • Registration

  • Meet students and instructors

  • Learn the ins and outs about school

  • Attend a class

  • Hear testimonies from students


  • Participate in prayer before service

  • Attend Believers Service

  • Go to post-service breakdown