Life Bible College is a two-year, accredited school for adults of all ages. It is designed for both those who simply want to grow in their knowledge of God and His Word to more effectively serve in the local church, as well as those preparing for full-time ministry.


Year One

Empowers Christians to grow in their spiritual walk with specific direction towards connecting with the one true God. The believer will grow in his or her relationship with God as well as have an understanding of life changing Biblical truths. Year One is a great foundation for every believer to become grounded and equipped as an effective Christian. Those who successfully complete Year One of Life Bible College will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Year two

Focuses on helping believers find and fulfill the call of God on his or her life. Every believer is called to some form of ministry within the body of Christ. Year Two helps students to identify what God has specifically called them to do and the next steps in fulfilling that call. Those who successfully complete Year Two of Life Bible College will receive a Diploma at the graduation ceremony. Graduation is a formal commencement service with a reception following.

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Life Bible College is accredited through Transworld Accrediting Commission International, which accredits and assists theological schools, seminaries, universities, colleges and programs throughout the world.